Exceptional debating skills can teach some valuable and analytical speaking abilities in a student if developed from the school level. The child can develop intellectually and ethically.

Debates help a child fit for the outside world. Generation Z children are widely engrossed in technology, and real interaction is abating. In such an environment, encouraging students in a school to participate in active debates becomes essential.


What are the benefits that debates can bring to a student?

When done right, debates can help children learn skills like:

  • They will get to learn something new every time.
  • They will meet new people and develop a broad understanding of the world.
  • Students will learn not to take things personally while debating.
  • Students will learn to consider and look at things from the counterpart’s perspective.
  • They will develop a feeling of self-confidence.

Shaswi International School of Excellence  International, encourages a blended learning approach and aim to create an atmosphere that promotes debates. Contact us today to know more about us!